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Vission, Mission & Values

Our Vision

The Crest Foundation hosts its head offices in Walsall, United Kingdom where all operational services are endorsed and operated, with a view to expanding national & international operations. Some of the services are commissioned through our sister NGO The United Foundation, services offered by The United Foundation Drugs, Alcohol Consultations & Domestic Violence Services.

The Crest Foundation actively seeks to promote better healthcare awareness and treatment programmes for the needy through the development off: Aftercare Initiatives, Food Bank Services, Education, Probation Aftercare Services, Employment and the promotion of Drugs, Alcohol, Cancer Awareness, Aid and Relief Programmes, and covering ALL aspects of healthcare and after treatment programmes In order to achieve this objective we aim to build community cohesion and trust between the people and our organisation. We beleive it is paramount that we work closely with all communities locally and internationally to provide aid in the following areas: Human Rights, Poverty Relief, Religious Discrimmination, Hate Crimes, Domestic Violence, Hospitals Aid, Aiding Orphanages and Schools and providing aid where it is most needed.

We seek to eradicate poverty and suffering by encouraging better & healthy lifestyles, education and employment by creating partnership initiatives through our development programme/aftercare programmes with organisations that can assist The Crest Foundation to deliver their service to an optimal capacity. The work that Crest Foundation engage in will help people of Walsall and across the United Kingdom to better support themselves and encourage better healthy lifestyles therefore supporting us in our projects that are purely catered for the benefit of the public and especially empowering the youth of Walsall with the tools to remain Drugs and Alcohol free. To achieve this we aim to deliver programmes that Support Aftercare, Advice, Counselling, Forums, Focus Groups, Employment Help, Relief Aid, Hospital Aid, and Education to help create & promote awareness.

We aim to collaborate with existing organisation and work collectively on influential projects that would help us meet our objectives and promote our initiatives within the ethnic community as a united entity

Our Mission

The mission of The Crest Foundation is to provide support and help to create everlasting solutions to the ethnic minority communities by empowering people/youth to create a future that is secure, just, and Free From Drugs Abuse, Alcohol, and Poverty.

We aim to achieve this through creating awareness through online publications, focus groups, counselling, aftercare programmes and provide support to the Asian, Black & Caribbean ethnic minority communities as well as the diginant communities.

The other aspect of the project addresses the issue of diversity, education and humanitarian relief covering diverse issues on human rights locally, nationally and on an international platform. We will focus our efforts in establishing foundations within communities to understand how we can best support them in order to rebuild better lifestyles and we endeavour to build the trust of the people whom will continue to support our work.  

Our Values

Our aim is to put service users in charge of their lives and at the heart of our organisation. Helping to change people’s lives and bring families back together fuels our motivation and drives our organisation forward.

Underpinning this are our values:

Compassionate – we will not judge anyone that seeks help from our services. We will listen carefully to each individual and respond to their situation with honesty and understanding.  

Determined  We at The Crest Foundation believe that people can change when they have the right support and treatment. We will not give up on anyone and our staff will go the extra mile to achieve success for all our service users.

Professional  All our staff are fully qualified to offer the best services to individuals and their families. We will always aim to continually improve our services and work in partnership with other agencies to ensure successful outcomes for all.

Dignity: We believe in the realistic values and intrinsic dignity of every person. We work closely with people regardless of religion, race, gender and politics. We aim to be a diverse organisation that unites people on the basis of humanity and relationships with a view to mutual respect and understanding.

Accountability: We aim to provide a professional service where our work ethics are accountable on the basis of systematic evaluations; our effectiveness will reflect upon our approach to the level of service we provide and the level of professionalism in managing our resources and structural development. 

Partnerships: We recognise the fact that our organisation would ensure a strong level of trust between our organisation and the people of the world whom we are striving to help change the condition of the poor living under the poverty line and those affected by the misuse of substances.

Unity:  We aim to unite all people irrespective of any links or associations to religion or backgrounds on the basis of compassion and empathy so that we can help to eradicate the suffering by uniting ALL communities together.

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